The World’s Cruellest Zoo

On 29/12/2013, in Animals, News, by admin
One of the shocking scenes captured by my colleague Andrew Chant at the Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

One of the shocking scenes captured by my colleague Andrew Chant at the Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

I am touched and in awe of the incredible response to my story headlined the world’s cruellest zoo, published last week in the Daily Mail.
Here’s the link:
Those who have written to me personally and who have posted literally hundreds of shocked comments on the MailOnLine website have asked what can be done. Petitions have been started to close the zoo down and requests have been made as to where donations can be sent. I have spent the past days trying to find answers to all the questions that ask how the poor animals at the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia can be given a better life.
I am working very hard on this, while being aware that other attempts to get the zoo closed or drastically improved, have failed due to bickering among various officials who run the establishment.
The immediate problems are these:
There are no other zoos in Indonesia that have shown a willingness to take the animals, claiming that they might be carrying diseases which would be passed on to other animals.
The zoo simply cannot be closed down because what would happen to the animals? This problem, of course, is linked to the one above.
Donations are always welcomed by any organisation or establishment, and while people from around the world have shown their willingness to give money to turn the zoo into a wonderful environment for the animals, to whom should the money go? It obviously cannot go directly to the zoo – rather, it needs to go to a responsible animal-caring organisation that will be able to send in a team, work with the zoo on what is needed to be done, and then spend the money doing it, turning the place from a hell hole into a Garden of Eden.
This is an area I’m looking into but if anyone has any better ideas or can come up with a practical solution, please get in touch.
Victoria Robinson has created a petition which you might care to sign as every voice of protest about the conditions will go towards getting something done.
Her petition is here:
Sybelle Foxcroft, Director of Cee4life has also got up a petition, which can be seen here:
Cee4Life has also created a Facebook page for the campaign here:
So you can see that efforts are being made to get something done. We just need to find out how.
I will keep you informed.