Camera Club Silhouette - with iPhone

A Camera Club captured against the setting sun - with an iPhone

Wherever I go, I always try to carry a small camera with me for that unexpected scene that will make a picture.

Just recently, while doing my dog-walking duty in a Sydney park at sunset I realised I’d left my camera behind. And then, inevitably, I came across a whimsical scene that had me reaching for the camera that wasn’t there! Curiously, it was a camera club, whose members had gathered on a hill to photograph the city as it began to switch on its evening lights. They were silhouetted against the setting sun, like figures in an Arthur Rackham fairy story illustration.

Thankfully I had my iPhone but thought ‘this is really going to put it to the test’. Extreme light striking the lens and, unlike the camera club, no tripod to assist stability. However, taking a ‘risky’ photo was better than taking no picture at all.

I was surprised by the result. What do you think?

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