Tiger's mum - just how furious is she?

Tiger's mum - just how furious is she?

New reports about Tiger (sorry, he’s still the talk of the towns) say that his mother, Kultilda,  is furious with him over his philandering. I wonder why – because she knew about Rachel Uchitel’s rendezvous with him in Melbourne.

How do I know this? Well, I personally saw Rachel checking in to the Crown Casino and then riding up to the VIP floors where Tiger and his mother were staying. I have all the evidence of this, but putting that aside it must be wondered why ‘mom’ is reported to be putting on such a song and dance about his love life.

Reports say she is hurt and angry because she likes Tiger’s wife Elin and adores her grandchildren and doesn’t want to see them hurt. In that case why on earth didn’t she confront Tiger in Melbourne and ask him what he was doing, flying ‘that woman’ across the world to Australia – then ask her what she thought she was doing there?

It must be wondered just how much real anger there is in Kutilda’s voice.

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