Missing in the Philippines, Carole Day

Carole Day - She has Vanished in the Philippines. Picture: Facebook

A British woman has been missing in the Philippines for almost three weeks – and there is no doubt that someone could tell her family, even anonymously, what has happened to her.

Police hold grave fears for 56-year-old mother of two Carole Day, who disappeared in the Philippines during a month in which three UK men have been murdered.
Strawberry-blonde Carole, originally from Stoke on Trent but in recent years a resident of Hong Kong, vanished after checking out of her hotel in Manila on September 12 and police admit they have no clues as to her whereabouts or what could have happened to her.
The widow of a British High Court judge who was based in Hong Kong, Carole had travelled to the Philippines to meet contacts in the interior design and furniture business.
A former long distance runner and model, she had been due to fly to Thailand on September 12 but did not arrive at Manila airport and there has been no word of her since.
Mrs Day’s 25-year-old son Jai, who has flown to Manila to help national police in the hunt for his mother, told me in a phone call that he and his 21-year-old brother Jamie were ‘extremely worried’ because there had been absolutely no news.
Their father, Justice Richard Day, died six years ago and their mother had kept in constant touch with her sons whenever she travelled.
‘She’s the kind of person who phones several times a day to see how things are,’ said Jai.
‘She gave us no sign that anything was untoward.’
Carole was last seen at a furniture showroom in Manila on September 12.
She had then been due to fly to Phuket, in Thailand’s south, before flying to Hong Kong for a friend’s funeral. She was also due to fly to London last week for a wedding.
Jai has been to all the hospitals in Manila and there are no unidentified Western women there.
He said he doubted that his mother had been kidnapped because there had been no ransom demand. The police, however, fear a gang has kidnapped her in order to extract money from her credit card. If that was the case, her fate would hang in the balance.
A spokeswoman for the British Embassy in Manila said they had been alerted to Mrs Day’s disappearance. ‘We are giving her family full consular assistance,’ she said.
Three British men have been murdered in the Philippines during September.
The first was Scotsman John Macdonald, 28, who was stabbed to death by the boyfriend of a woman Mr Macdonald had befriended.
Next came the shooting murder of British businessman Anthony Nicolas, 64, from London, who died when he and his wife were ambushed.
Then came the shooting death of sea captain Bruce Jones, 50, who was believed to have been the victim of a gun-running cartel.
Two American men have also been shot dead in the Philippines this month.
Little wonder, then, that fears for Carole grow by the day…
* If you know anything, Jai can be contacted in the Philippines on this number: (+) 63-916-440-2851.
Or send me an email at richardshears.com
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Kiesha Abrahams, who is missing in Sydney

Kiesha Abrahams - Where is she? Somebody knows....

It has been compared to the baffling case of missing British girl Madeleine McCann, who, as you’ll all recall, disappeared from her bedroom while her parents were on holiday with friends in Portugal three years ago.

Now, on the other side of the world, in Sydney, another little girl has vanished from her bedroom in equally mysterious circumstances.
I fear for Kiesha Abrahams. Her mother, Kristi Abrahams, says she put her to bed in pink pyjamas at the flat she shared with her partner Robert Smith last Saturday – and in the morning she was gone. Ms Abrahams said there was no sign of a break-in and there was immediate speculation that Kiesha had either let herself out or had been abducted.
But in the days that have followed, disturbing questions have arisen. If Kiesha had let herself out and was wandering the suburban streets, surely it would not have been long before someone found her and called the police? And if she had been abducted…how did the kidnapper gain such easy access to the flat and why take that particular little girl?
While these questions await answers worrying facts continue to emerge. For a start, no-one, aside from the claims of her mother and her partner, has been able to say they had seen Kiesha for three weeks before her disappearance. She had not been to school since her brother, Levi, was born three and a half weeks ago,and in fact had only attended her class for five days in the whole of this year.
Now Sydney’s Daily Telegraph has reported that it has learned from police sources that, as a toddler, Kiesha was admitted to hospital with a bite wound inflicted by an adult. And there are claims that the child and her mother were ‘known’ to the child welfare service.
Ms Abrahams, with Mr Smith at her side, appeared before tv cameras on Tuesday begging for information about her missing daughter. But her words were almost indecipherable amid her howls and because she held a tissue to her mouth. She kept her head down and her eyes were shielded by dark glasses, leading to members of the public writing to newspapers saying that in their opinion it was all an act.
Her partner Mr Smith said the past few days had been hell. ‘I can’t describe what it’s like in my shoes – you can’t imagine the last few days. It gets harder by the minute,’ he said.
A massive search of the neighbourhood, including police and volunteers searching back gardens, storm drains and bushland, has failed to turn up any clues as to the whereabouts of Kiesha.
Will this turn out to be another Madeleine McCann case – a little girl who vanished never to be seen again? Time will tell, but I suspect we may have an answer to what happened to Keisha in the very near future.