Dog Fetches Giant Stick

Here boy - fetch! No way...surely not. Read on - then watch the video.

I was walking around the foreshores of Sydney harbour when I saw a man throwing a stick for his dog.

But borrowing a line from Paul ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Hogan, who once said ‘That’s not a knife – that’s a knife!’, the same could be applied to Alastair and his amazing pooch Rhubarb.
For that was no stick – that was a dirty great big plank of waterlogged wood . And that was what Rhubarb was insisting she wanted to ‘fetch’. It was three metres long, as wide as a wrestler’s fist and so heavy that Alastair could hardly lift it – let alone throw it.
But toss it he did, telling Rhubarb to ‘fetch’. Of course, I and others who were watching the incident thought it was an impossible task. After all, Rhubarb’s legs were as thin as a stick of, well, rhubarb.
Alastair, meanwhile, could have qualified as a champion ‘tossing the caber’ Scotsman for he managed to hurl that enormous plank a good 20m. Into the water plunged Rhubarb and out she swam. She grabbed the plank between her teeth and hauled it all the way back to the shore.
That is some amazing dog.
And if you want to see the full astonishing video, you can see it on YouTube here:
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