North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un - rumours of his assassination.

So the rumours have shot around the world – Kim Jong Un, the new leader of the secretive State of North Korea, has been assassinated.

What are we to believe? Personally, having toured the country last year, I know how long it might take for any official denials or confirmation.

But if you look at the source of the stories that claim Kim was shot by assassins who broke into the North Korean embassy in Beijing, where he was staying, and managed to shoot him, you have to wonder just how true they are.

The source is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – a source that is known to spread wild rumours about the deaths of celebrities. Maybe they are right this time – or maybe it’s just another beat-up.

It is claimed an unusually-large number of vehicles with blacked out windows have been seen at the North Korean embassy in Beijing, giving rise to speculation that the rumours might have some substance. Then again, Kim might be throwing a party.

We should know soon just how true all this is.

Watch this space.



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