I haven’t even got a bloody picture of him, and he’ll be laughing at me for that, but I have the most terrible news to pass on – that Peter Carrette, a wonderful roly-poly, cuddly-bear gentle giant of a man has died, slumped over his computer where he was working away, as usual, at a thousand photographs.
I heard the news today in New Zealand while covering the mining disaster, waiting with anxious relatives who worry about their missing loved ones, and then came the news of Peter, who died in his Bondi Beach flat.
I know no more than that.
We went on numerous stories together and what fun he was to be with. He had all the latest gear but admitted that he never understood how to work it. Yet he always got through because he was a pro. We would laugh about it frequently and I would rib him about it, but he was that kind of fellow. He was jolly, loved a pun, knew more about Fleet Street – as many of us still refer to that old newspaper world – than there are pictures on an 16 gig memory card.
I loved him dearly and he’ll leave a MASSIVE hole behind.
No details yet of his funeral.
Bye Peter, you bugger, leaving us like this.

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  1. Cameron says:

    Yep, he will be sorely missed. As you say Richard, he was an icon of the industry and didn’t hesitate to call a spade a spade. I’m sure that both Peter and Dave Morgan (who passed two years ago yesterday) will share a couple of stories up there about us all!

  2. Guy Finlay says:

    Hi Richard,
    We will all miss Peter greatly. I was talking with him on friday and others of us have surfaced that talked with him saturday and sunday morning. More beers will be consumed over many different and funny stories.

  3. kevin st.alder says:

    A memorial service will be held at the Bondi Pavilion (in the High Tide room) this Friday November 26 2010, at 3pm, with a wake held afterwards at North Bondi RSL, Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach.

    Peter Carrette was a great philanthropist who with actor Jack Thompson established an orphanage in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, and who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of pictures to assist the orphanage.

    “When the details of Peter’s memorial service in Bondi were announced, it was asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be forwarded to the Cambodian orphanage that Peter supported, typical of the generosity and thoughtfulness of Peter and his family.

    “He didn’t like a some of what he saw in his industry, like tacky pictures and car chases, and called some other paparazzi “bandits” and “bounty hunters with cameras”. (dirty foreskin) His preference was to build a rapport with celebrities and treat them with respect, but expected respect in return. He used to say “while I take your picture, your price goes up,” and took great offence if celebrities ever mistreated his staff.

    “Although Peter was perhaps mostly known for his years photographing celebrities, he had also been to war-zone’s photographing, and spent some years in NY and Europe in photographing fashion.”

    Most remember him for his charm, his story-telling and his good nature.

    “His generosity, as evidenced by his fund-raising for orphanages, was also one of his many great achievements, one that should be remembered by the general public.”

    kevin St.alder

  4. Jason Makeig says:

    Pete will be remembered by many for his connections to major celebrety people and extraordinary events around the world as the blogs are saying … and his photos and support of the under-dogs such as kids without legs in Cambodia..my brothers and myself knew him in a different light.. When he first arrived into our household as the boyfriend of our mother, Maggie, our world was altered forever. As surfer boys growing up on the northern beaches of Sydney we had this elder brother always around and in our face. “You Beauty” he’d say in your ear very close with a single clap very loud at the same time… The three of us brothers together could never hold him down in that back yard of mother Maggie Makeig’s at Collaroy. He could lay a punch like nobody and we coped it on our body well and truly… all good fun and banter… was always going to get him back one day. That dissolved into just freindship as the subsequent years went by. As teeenage boys we were always blown away by his connections with every female model who entered the land of OZ.. the ripples and awe would spread around the neighbourhood .. he’s hangin’ out with WHO?? It was just esoteric this popularity with the best of girls. As for Rock and Roll, between our journo mother and himself we got the dose of doses back there in the early seventies, Fresh CREAM was to enter our psyche forever… relentlessly played by Pete as well as SHAZAM, the EASYBEATS, the DOORS and the WHO.. among many others… We always had one thing over him … he couldn’t surf, try as he might.. one day we gave him a big board and he actually got out the back… there’s a picture somewhere of his triumphant clasped fists in the air.. bit like a gangling white spider on a lake.. he was a confident hero type who didn’t seem to know what ‘can’t do’ means. He did much gardening around the house planting trees in between eating bouts of eternally drenched tomato sauce layden food.. Our mother tried to train him with good eating habits but the sauce remained.. Peter was on our case all the time and retrospectively he was a PRESENT male mentor around the house… As the years went by our connection was alive, we knew we always had a friend in Pete. From his East End of London Cockney days to ‘our traning’ to International rites of passage he seemed always to embrace the humble and laugh about mixin’ it with the stars. In the end furry animals, the environment, children and real people were his priority and the love always showed…

  5. Ron Finney says:

    I met Peter through Jack Thompson and we shared enjoyable times at Jack’s farm at Upper Bobo.

    I have a few photographs if you’re interested.

    Ron Finney

  6. Elayne Newton says:

    My dear cousin of whom I first met when I arrived in Aus in 1973. We were very close and always stayed in touch, catching up in London and back in Australia quite recently. Peter always seemed elusive and mysterious but constantly kind and gentle and generous of spirit. It was great to be in touch by email over the last few years and the memory of visiting him with my teenage daughter a year or two ago was a warm and happy memory. He was sitting at his computer, occasionally looking through the telescope at the Bondi Beach Babes! He did love women! His was a clone of his Dad and sadly died the same way. Love and miss him already. Elayne x x

  7. Vicky Chappelow says:

    How blessed i feel to have met such a wonderful, funny, kind, amazing human being as Pete…
    Pete you shone like a star from the minute I met you, thanks for your jokes, your stories, for sharing your wonderful pictures and memories and your time with me.

    Wow…what a life to celebrate…YOU ROCK!
    4eva in my heart
    Vicky num nums x

  8. Sue Carrette says:

    Peter was my half-brother and is much missed by his UK family – his Mother Gladys and siblings. As I wrote for his London memorial ‘in a world of copies Peter was a true original’. He shared a number of the positive qualities of our father – but (as appears to have have been indicated above) he certainly wasn’t a clone of anyone! Nor did he ‘die the same way’. The least we can do to honour Peter is to be truthful – I know he would have appreciated that. Rest in peace Peter – you made this world a better place….Suexx

  9. andy says:

    i worked with peter for 30 years, we went to tahiti together in 1979; For Penthouse..
    Great f..ckg job that was, the first edition and lovin it.. My job from peter was to make the models nipples erect..!! This is just one sample of peters , NOW IN THE MOMENT,,, we knew each each other like soul mates, same with SAILOR, peters
    friend.. we are all petes mates, HI RICHARD… I do remember you from the old studio in cambridge lane, paddington, POWER ON DECK… !!!! CHINA

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