Michael Hutchence's mother, Patricia Glassop

Michael Hutchence's mother, Patricia. Picture: Rex Features

Just a few months after the mother of former pop star Michael Hutchence pleaded with Sir Bob Geldof to let her see her granddaughter, Tiger Lily, she has died at her Queensland home.

In an exclusive interview with me at her high-rise apartment which was decorated with photographs of the late leader of INXS, 84-year-old Mrs Patricia Glassop claimed at the time that Sir Bob had treated her cruelly.
‘I’ve begged him and pleaded with him to let me see Tiger Lily again, but he’s turned a deaf ear to me,’ said Mrs Glassop. ‘He’s treated me shabbily.’
The last time Patricia Glassop saw Tiger Lily was in April 2006 when Sir Bob came to Australia and allowed Tiger to see her grandmother for a few days.
Tiger Lily wrote a note to Mrs Glassop at the time thanking her ‘granny’ for a wonderful holiday and promising to visit again soon.
During that holiday, Tiger spent five days with her grandmother, accompanied by Tiger’s nanny.
Mrs Glassop told a magazine later: ‘I played her some of Michael’s old music videos and she asked me who it was.
‘I told her “It’s your daddy”. She smiled and followed all the moves, dancing along with Michael.’
Tiger Lily is the only child of Michael Hutchence – who a coroner found had hanged himself in a Sydney hotel in 1997 – and Paula Yates, who was found dead of a drug overdose in her London flat in September 2000.
Friends of Hutchence claimed that he hanged himself because he was fed up with battling with Sir Bob and Sir Bob’s former wife Miss Yates over where Tiger Lily should live – and who with.
Although Mrs Glassop had seen her granddaughter a few times following her birth in July 1996, she always maintained it was not enough.
A British judge, Mrs Justice Bracewell, decided following Miss Yates’ death that Tiger Lily should spend the rest of her childhood with Sir Bob and his daughters Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie.
‘I’ve had to beg and plead with Sir Bob to be allowed what, in terms of her childhood, are just glimpses of Tiger,’ Mrs Glassop told me.
‘I wonder if I’ll ever see her again.’
It was not to be. Michael Hutchence’s brother, Rhett Hutchence revealed her death in an internet post, commenting:  ‘She looked beautiful and I was happy to have been there for her.
‘Thank you for all your kind words and wishes.’
In an earlier interview, Mrs Glassop told the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘It’s just not fair.
‘I have tried to call Bob Geldof many, many times to speak with Tiger Lily but I can never get through…or I am not allowed through. I think it’s a disgrace.’
Mrs Glassop’s death comes as a new battle looms over the rights to the image and songs of Michael Hutchence – a legal fight that will pit the five surviving INXS band members with a trust company called Chardonnay Investments.
The company has not revealed who is behind its formation but reports suggest that Tiger Lily is the beneficiary.
Chardonnay is suing the band members, their manager, a US lawyer as well as a number of INXS-related companies.
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