An Email From a Werewolf!

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werewolf and full moon

They're Coming Out....!

A few months ago, I reported on a scientist’s findings that people with the tendancies of werewolves – humans who change into terrifying flesh-ripping monsters under a full moon – exist among us.

The announcement was the result of a serious study reported in the Medical Journal of Australia, which told how in just one year, between August 2008 and July 2009, no less than 91 emergency patients suffering violent, acute disturbances comparable to mythical werewolves were admitted to a hospital in Newcastle, north of Sydney.
A quarter of these occured on a night of a full moon and some of these people attacked the hospital staff like animals – biting, spitting and scratching. Scientist Leonie Calver, a clinical research nurse in toxicology, added in her study: ‘One might compare them with the werewolves of the past, who are said to have also appeared during the full moon.’
Since reporting those findings, I have received several emails from people claiming to be werewolves, or who believe they are going through changes. This month, an American teenager has contacted me on three occasions insisting he is going through ‘changes’. I make no further comment as I reproduce his latest email here:
‘I‘ve just recently realized what I am. There is another one of my kind that goes to my school. One day I got really mad and started freaking out. He was able to calm me down and told me what I was. I’m 17, still in high school. I still haven’t had my first change, but it’s close to that time. I’m faster, stronger, have better senses than most humans. I say most because I have a friend who has spent so much time with us, he’s taken on some of our attributes. I constantly have to chew something(like a dog/wolf). Never really fit in anywhere, until I met the other Werewolf. I was born a werewolf. The gene passes down through the generations until it finds the right host, sometimes skipping dozens of generations. Neither of my parents were as far as I know. I constantly twitch. The closer I get to my first change the worse it’ll get. We are only forced to change our first time, after that it is at will. We are aware of everything. The moon does not force us to change, but she makes it easier…’
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  1. werewolf luver says:

    this is awsume. your real! i have nothing more to say but welcome, werewolf brother or sister. 🙂

  2. ocami says:

    this is rather interesting,but who knows if this is a true lycan like the rest of us?

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