Bryon Bell - Tiger Wood's Friend - and Rachel Uchitel in Melbourne

A Man Who Looks Like Tiger's Friend With Rachel Uchitel in Melbourne

It’s not for me in far-away Australia to accuse Tiger Woods of telling porkies. Perhaps he’s become a little forgetful as he prepares to play in the US Masters on April 8, but I couldn’t help noticing when he claimed in a recent one-off tv interview that no-one in his inner circle knew about his liaisons with a string of women.

‘I’m sure if more people would have known in my inner circle they would’ve stopped it. Or tried to put a stop to it, but I kept it all to myself,’ the golfer told Kelly Tilghman of The Golf Channel.

Well, as my, yes my, exclusive photo (with apologies for the fuzziness in the darkness of the lobby) which has been seen around the world, shows, it was Tiger’s old boyhood friend and close confidante Bryon Bell who actually flew all the way to Australia with Rachel Uchitel – one of the women on Tiger’s ‘other women’ list – in November last year. He was playing in the Australian Masters, but neither Bryon, who has caddied for Tiger in the past, nor Rachel, brought any clubs with them, of course.
Emails from Mr Bell revealing details of the flight he had arranged for Rachel have already been widely published, but if anyone has any doubt that he was involved in Rachel’s travel itinerary take a look at the man talking with her and a hotel employee in Melbourne. He arrived at the hotel with her and helped her check in.
You might agree he bears rather a close resemblance to the picture of Bryon (inset).
In any case, we can expect more revelations about the people in Tiger’s inner circle who ‘didn’t know anything’ – one of the women who claim to have had a long relationship with him, Joslyn James, says she is about to release emails she received from Mr Bell in 2007 detailing arrangements for her to travel to US cities where Tiger was playing. Of course, Mr Bell’s helpfulness in arranging such travel could be just coincidence….
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