Tiger Uses the Media to Make his Apology

What, how can this be? Wasn’t the media responsible for the world’s greatest golfer tumbling from his pedestal? Wasn’t the media responsible for the rift in his marriage? Why shouldn’t he and his mother blame the media for the pickle he got into?
He was famous, he was the epitome of the good family man, adored by his wife and millions of fans. And those bad, bad journalists had brought it all crashing down.
But wait, how could the media, in revealing the dark side of his life, have ‘saved’ Tiger?
For the simple reason that if his infidelity had not been exposed there is every reason to believe that his affairs with escorts, porn stars, and all the other women who are on and off the lust list, would be continuing today.
His wife, meanwhile, would have continued going about her daily life believing that her husband was behaving like the fine family man who posed with her and their children in smiling family portraits. His fans, young kids among them, would be standing along the world’s fairways admiring their hero, a man to be looked up to, someone that the younger generation could hope to grow up like.
While there is no suggestion that the women with whom he has had affairs had any evil intentions other than getting laid and, perhaps hoping that he would walk away from his marriage and end up with him as a lifetime partner, there is no way of knowing what his fate would have been had his indiscretions not been exposed by the media. How could he, or his  minders, be sure that any woman he bedded in the future was not a front, targeting him for blackmail?  Spy cameras are very sophisticated these days and there are numerous ways of setting them up once it is known where the rendezvous is to take  place.
Very serious blackmail is only one of the dangers that lay ahead on the path of infidelity that Tiger was walking along. Dare we imagine a jealous boyfriend seeking revenge on a billionaire who has showered his woman with gifts and promises while he, the boyfriend, has been found wanting? There are nutters out there, whose jealousy knows no bounds.
Fortunately for Tiger, as far as we know, he has not been blackmailed. He has not been attacked. But if the media had not put a stop to his secret liaisons with a string of women from the dubious side of life who knows what terrible fate lay in wait for him.
No, neither Tiger nor his mother should blame the media. He was happy enough with the publicity during the good times, for without the media his sponsors would not have received the international exposure they have enjoyed. He cannot expect newspapers, magazines, tv, to lay off when he’s misbehaving.
And of course when it came to making his apology, which he wanted the world to hear, who did he turn to? Did somebody say ‘the media’?
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