Hyde Park London - More Like Hidden Park (under snow)

Hyde Park London - More Like Hidden Park (under snow)

Following on from my black & white Picture of the Week (below) I apologise for yet another colourless offering – but you can blame Britain’s weather. I arrived in London to a blizzard, when the temperature at Heathrow Airport was zero. When I left Sydney it was hovering around 40c. I didn’t want to get off the plane!

I’d moved to Australia 30 or so years ago and had come to enjoy the heat. British winters became a distant memory, particularly as on each return visit I’d made sure to arrive in summer. This time a very close journalist friend was leaving his esteemed position on the Daily Mail and it was only right that I should buy him a farewell beer. I only wish he’d decided to leave during the summer months!

In any case, I went for a wander through the city, braving the blizzard and found myself in Hyde Park. I’ve never seen it so empty – a few ducks and a couple of brave souls standing beside an abandoned snowman summed up the decision by the entire city, it seemed, to stay indoors.

I grabbed this picture with my iPhone before the wintry shakes took hold. Then I went back to my hotel where an item on the news featured surfers enjoying the sun in Sydney. Sigh…..


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  1. Muhammad says:

    I think that Hyacinth and her family were lelkiy working class people, a bit higher-up than Daisy, Rose and Onslo, but not up to where Hyacinth and Richard are. I’d say that Richard and Bruce were always firmly entrenched in middle class. Financially Bruce is upper-middle class, socially that’s a question mark. Social strata work a bit differently in England than they do here, maybe its his trade that keeps Bruce from being considered upper-middle class?

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