A 28-year-old man has been granted bail on charges relating to the death of Irish backpacker Gearoid Walsh.

Tobias Liam Simmons heard a magistrate describe the case, heard in a court in Parramatta, west of Sydney, as tragic and emotional.

Simmons, a project administrator from the Sydney suburb of Clovelly, has been charged with manslaughter, reckless wounding and assault causing actual bodily harm. He will appear before a court again on November 18.

Mr Walsh, a 23-year-old flooring contractor, had been in Australia for five weeks when he went out in the Sydney seaside suburb of Coogee with his sister and brother. The altercation with a man outside at a late-night takeaway shop resulted in Mr Walsh falling to the pavement and striking his head.

Mr Walsh’s mother, Tressa, who had flown from Dublin to be at her son’s bedside before he died, said she did not want to see her son’s attacker jailed. She told a Sydney news conference that the other man involved in the altercation was very unlucky and she felt for him.

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